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We are sure you have many questions. We're hoping to answer the most common ones here. If you don't find an answer, we're more than happy to reply in person - just ask us directly via your preferred social channel below 😺

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Frequently asked Cardano, Crypto and Cat Questions

Cats are cool - but what about dogs?

We love cats and kittens. But we've got a big hearts for doggos, too. While we will likely not foster dogs and puppies, we are very open to the idea of helping other animal shelters as we grow our pool and awareness. Woof 🐶

Can we trust you?

Yes! Thankfully, the only thing you need to trust us with when staking with Cardano is our ability to maintain the server securely and with high availabilty. Your funds never leave your wallet and can be spent and transacted by you at ANY time.
Our team has a proven track record of keeping things going. One of our projects - a browser game - was built in 2005 and is still running and being maintained by us, 16 years later. The service we developed to run back then has not needed to be restarted since 2017. You bet we are here to stay and we will provide you with quality service and uptime so we mint blocks when it's our time.

What is Cardano

A big question - let's just steal the answer from their website,

"Cardano is a proof-of-stake blockchain platform: the first to be founded on peer-reviewed research and developed through evidence-based methods. It combines pioneering technologies to provide unparalleled security and sustainability to decentralized applications, systems, and societies."

For more details, read this fantastic CoinMarketCap deep dive into Cardano


We believe in the mission and vision of making a better world and bringing control of identity and finance back into to the hands of the individuals that actually own them. We also think that science is the key to progress. Especially in a world were security is crucial, the scientific methods applied by Cardano help to significantly reduce the risk of successful attacks by malicious parties, when compared to other blockchains.

How much does it cost to stake

Staking/Delegating costs a one-time fee of around 2 ADA for your initial delegation. Aside from that, it is completely free. Once your ADA is delegated, you can still pay with it and your staking-amount will automatically be adjusted in the next epoch if you move ADA out of or into the staked wallet.

How does Staking work

Staking works differently in each Proof of Stake Platform, but the gist in Cardano Staking is: Every five days a new epoch starts on the Cardano blockchain. When you delegate, a snapshot of the amount you staked will be made after two epochs. Based on the total stake a pool has, they are assigned a number of blocks to mint each epoch. Minting blocks means processing transactions for the network. If the pool does create its blocks, the pool and their delegators will be rewarded with ₳ relative to their stake two epochs thereafter. A great infographic can be found here.

When will I get paid?

After your first delegation, the rewards will be paid at the start of the fifth epoch. This means depending on where in the current epoch you started delegating, between three weeks to 25 days. Once this time is reached, you will get paid every epoch/five days.

How do I get my HAZEL rewards

It depends on your reward tier. you can get in touch with us via the above social media links to verify your delegation and retrieve your rewards. 

Where Can I get more info on your pool stats?

Information about our pool is openly available on the blockchain can be accessed via the great tool and also on and - pick your favorite 😸

Where are your metrics and dashboards?

We are working on a public version of our internal metrics and dashboards with respect to node health. We want you to be able to see relevant information without overwhelming interested parties. We'd love to hear what you want to see. We currently use prometheus and Grafana for collection and visualization.

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