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CAT Fostering.

As cat foster parents, we temporarily host​ very young kittens or cats in need of socialization in our home, usually somewhere between two to eight weeks.

Fostering is an adventure and an opportunity for everyone. We've been cat owners for many years. This page tells you a few facts about what it means to foster cats in general and what we do with our fostering time.

Thanks for coming on this ride with us!



Fostering since

July 2018

WhaT does a Foster do?

Cat and kitten fostering offers many different opportunities to contribute, and not every foster is required to take all of these on when they sign up. But here's a list of the things we do as part of fostering.

In addition, we are also Fear-free Shelter certified, which means we took a training that helps us understand how cats (and dogs) can behave in stressful situations and how to put kitties more at ease in a new environment.



If you are taking on kittens, or potentially stray cats, a primary job of every foster is to socialize the animal, so they grow attached to human care and can live safely with people and ideally other animals. All cats are different, but if they don't like their caretaker, it is harder for them to be adopted.

Feeding Newborn Kitten

Helping kittens grow

For the most part, you feed your kittens and they just grow. For young cats, it is important they consistently gain weight, so you will weigh them regularly and make sure that their fluffy bellies get the nutrients they need to become big and healthy cats.


Litter box training

Often times there's not much to do here as cats are very clean animals that want their fur shiny and their living space safe. You'll ensure they have clean boxes and know where to find them without getting lost.


Safe Space

The most important part of fostering is the ability to give them a safe space. This makes it much easier for them to become social animals and enjoy their pet lives. A dedicated, cleanable room is needed, so your home and your foster kittens are protected.



Kittens at a young age need to be dewormed, vaccinated and their health taken care of in all other regards, since they are most susceptible to illness at this age. Your routine may include giving the medication or ensuring a veterinarian gives it.


Play Time

Part of socialization but also required for enriching the cats life. Kitties can get bored and even depressed if isolated or not properly stimulated, so daily playtime is where you and your fosters get to have a lot of fun together!

Want to Help?

Staking with HAZEL is all the help we need to support this endeavor and to bring more people on board. If that does not work for you, we appreciate you spreading the word ♥

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