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Our rewards.

Staking with us does not only support foster cats and kittens and the animal shelters we support, but also gives back to you. What's in it for you is a legit question, because a system in which everybody that participates wins is ideal. This page lists what is in it for you in detail.

We might change this rewards program (except for the 5% ROA that is baked into Cardano) as we evolve our pool and are looking forward to get your input on this as well. Thanks for considering delegating with us 😽


5% Return on your investment per year

For any pool that consistently mints blocks, the average payout for your Ada lies around 5% per year. Meaning if you stake ₳10000 with us for twelve months, you earn ₳500 just for staking.

Reward Tiers

Based on your stake snapshot each epoch, you will be in a reward tier that has dedicated rewards. Each tier will include all rewards from the lower tiers as well. Read below for more info on the tiers.

UwU Cat

Reward Tier

Stake just ₳100 with us and you will receive 1000 PIGY 🐷 tokens every epoch until our supply runs out. Find more about what you can do with PIGY tokens and how you can use and breed them at

₳1 000+ Reward Tier

₳1000 staked will get you HAZEL VIP membership status. With that, you get the 1000 PIGY tokens each epoch and access to our exclusive cat and kitten zone in Discord, where you can get early access and insider-only stories. We'd like to hear what other VIP perks you can imagine as we continue this journey together!


₳10 000+ Reward Tier

First of all: We love you! Second of all, congratulations! If you've staked ₳10k or more with us for the last five epochs, you will be automatically included in our NFT raffle! We will be giving away items from some well-known and renowned CNFT projects. The raffle happens every five epochs and we'll announce the prize beforehand on Twitter, Discord and Telegram. Of course you also get everything from the previous tiers!

₳100 000+ Reward Tier

We are extremely grateful to have you with our pool. 🙏 Stake with us for five epochs and you are eligible for a custom NFT of one of our foster kittens. These will be one-of-a kind and are not simply an NFT of a photo. You even get to pick which cat or kitten you want to virtually adopt and give a forever home in your wallet. Visit our cat list and choose your kitty!


Exclusive Discord Channel

As a delegator, you get access to the #hazelpool-delegators channel of our official Discord. Hang out with your fellow delegators and exchange stories around the virtual hearth fire.

Join us!

We'd love to have you as a delegator and reward you at the same time. Join us today by staking with HAZEL! Can't delegate with us just yet? Help us spread the word!

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